Views From a Bike Ride

Broke down and bought a new mountain bike, nothing fancy just a mountain bike. I really have no plans of taking it down a mountain either. What I do plan on doing is going on some rides on some local trails, flat, smooth, easy trails. One of the things I like about biking is I can take the camera with. After way to much internal debate and comparison shopping and on and on I decided to pick up a Speed Strap from Mettle Cycling.  This little beauty lets me ride with my DSLR on the lower part of my back it stays on the ready all I have to do is reach around and grab it then slide it up to my eye. Over the 12 mile ride I did have to reach back a couple times and re adjust it that was no trouble at all. As you can see this allowed me to get a few nice shots on this trail. The timing was just right in the evening so the deer were coming out.  It was a blast and I cant wait to get out and ride and snap some more.

Tunnel Hill Ride20170915-35


Tunnel Hill Ride20170915-33

Tunnel Hill Ride20170915-18-Edit

Tunnel Hill Ride20170915-5

Tunnel Hill Ride20170915-11

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”


― Seneca



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