Fall In Southern Illinois


As I am looking through some Instagram posts, and checking out some local Illinois things I find that Nikon is doing a little contest to see where the best fall pictures can be taken. Problem, the contest ends Nov 3 and our leaves didn’t peak until about Nov 5 not to mention the days just stayed rainy and grey throughout all the most colorful time. I did manage to score a few pictures that, I believe, captured the beginnings of the fall colors in the area.  Most of the time as a landscape photographer you just have to make the best out of what is placed in front of you. I have found though through good and bad conditions if you are patient, open minded, adventurous, persistent, and optimistic the beauty of nature will present itself. Its out there just keep looking.

Bike trail bridge20171104-920171102-_DSC0037


3 thoughts on “Fall In Southern Illinois

  1. For sure – great post. I was just in southern Illinois last weekend and it was beautiful. I got blessed with some lovely weather and captured some great photos. Yours are much better, but you are correct – That region of Illinois is further behind peak color than much of the Midwest. Love your photos here, very nice.

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