Shine On Me



This shot presented itself to me as I was driving home from work. Fortunately I was on a rural road with little to no traffic. I stopped the truck in the middle of the road, turned the truck off to reduce vibration, observed someone coming in the rear view mirror so I knew I didn’t have time for a lens change, snapped the picture, started the truck and drove on. What turned out was a pretty moody and dramatic shot.

Cloudy Lake20171010-11Cloudy Lake20171010-9

These two obviously at the same location were as a storm was moving in for the evening. The clouds as you can see are moving along and letting more streaks of light out in the second photo giving that sense of movement. I love the reflection in the water the dark moody skys, and the streaks of light still penetrating through.

Both scenes serve as a reminder that no matter how dark the clouds there is still light.


“They lose the day in expectation of the night, and the night in fear of the dawn.”
― Seneca, On the Shortness of Life


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