A Walk by a Lake

After a recent trip to Carbondale, Il I decided to stop at Cedar Lake on the way home. My father-in-law and I used to fish this lake a lot before he passed. I will never forget the time when we spent about 16 hours on the lake leaving my, 9 month pregnant, wife at home. I believe that was the day I also lost a cell phone in the lake. Needless to say when we pulled up to the boat ramp there were two ladies standing there glaring at us, my wife and his. So we decided accordingly to take another pass along the opposite bank before heading in to the ramp and getting our lectures.


Cedar Lake20171211-46

This time I had no boat nor any reason to hurry my trip home so I decided to take a walk along the lake. While the barren late fall trees weren’t very photogenic I did manage to snap a few shots that I enjoyed.

These mushrooms fighting the endless march of time, withering yet still standing caught my eye. Time marches on and stands still for nothing and no one. A little black and white conversion gives it a completely different feel.

Cedar Lake20171211-39Cedar Lake20171211-38

This dry creek bed also made for a nice shot. The cold grey rock, the barren fall woods, even the tree that has fell across the creek again just speaks of time and how it is now has always been and will repeat itself again.

Cedar Lake20171211-6-2

Cedar Lake20171211-6

Of course I had to play a bit with black and white again. The feel is just so much more dramatic. In fact the description of the feel is accurate with the texture standing out more in black and white it is almost as if you could feel the picture.


All those [events in history] were such dramas as we see now, only with different actors. Marcus Aurelius



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