Still Life With a Skull

More from my stuck on the house series. I have played around with Venitas style photos before, which I realize now I didn’t post here. I spent half a day playing around this time. Playing with lighting, composition, props. Even now after editing and uploading I am thinking about other things I could have tried. The whole concept of Momento Mori is fascinating to me and I believe I am trying to do just that while making the most of my downtime. Hopefully the meaning of the brevity of luxuries, the continual passing of time, and the inevitability of death comes through in these photos.1301-2019-1058023222447950806189.jpeg1301-2019-1055915222445842735354.jpeg1301-2019-1053586222443513765382.jpeg1301-2019-1050586222440513672323.jpeg1301-2019-1046372222436298924560.jpeg1301-2019-1043371222433297911917.jpeg1301-2019-1040332222430259217031.jpeg1301-2019-1023720222413647699595.jpeg1301-2019-1037533222427460658523.jpeg1301-2019-1038011222427938190914.jpeg1301-2019-1021580222411507593288.jpeg



“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


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