A Day on the Lake pt1 (Crazy ole Coots)




1. any aquatic bird of the genus Fulica, as F. americana, of North America, and F. atra, of the Old World, characterized by lobate toes and short wings and tail.
2. any of various other swimming or diving birds, especially the scoters.
3. Informal . a foolish or crotchety person, especially one who is old.
Well obviously I am speaking of the first two definitions because I surely don’t know anyone that falls into the category of the third. Besides why would I be taking pictures of someone foolish and crotchety, and who are you calling old ya jackass… oh back to the post.
With an odd break in the wind cold and rain I took this seemingly singular opportunity to go take a drive around one of my favorite lakes, Mermet Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area, to take pictures. Lets say I was not disappointed at all.
After driving past possibly some old coots fishing, they may be nice people as well who’s judging, I made it around the first bend to see quite a few waterfowl floating along doing their thing. This group of actual waterfowl coots was just peacefully swimming along diving eating and minding their own business. They stayed calm and undisturbed long enough for me to get a few pictures that turned out pretty well.
I was also able to get some video of them eating, swimming, and diving which I will link to at the end of this blog.
Around the next turn and along the back side of the lake some more waterfowl which appear to be in the merganser family of waterfowl. 1502-2019-0331576187725893173665.jpeg
Along with these two which I am assuming are a breeding pair, I didn’t ask them about their personal life, was a group of smaller ducks. I’m not sure if they were a different breed all together or if they were just juveniles. I’m no ornithologist nor did I ask about private nesting and breeding habits. What I did do is take pictures some of which included them charging me in an obvious flying duck V pattern. It was almost a scary moment, if they weren’t so cute.
This same spot on the lake also provided me with another great shot. While watching the little guys swim off a Bonaparte’s Gull came flying by. Giving me a good opportunity for some flying shots. The empty bluebird sky does not make for the most exciting background but you work with what you have.
Something I found really interesting about this day is that the moon was clearly visible during mid day. It made for a difficult shot but I believe I was able to get a nice landscape shot, in portrait orientation none the less, with the moon over a bare cypress tree in the lake.
Along the last stretch of my first lap around the lake I was a little surprised to see turtles out with it still being windy and cold but I guess the sun was warm to them. What I didn’t notice until editing the photos is what in the world is that middle turtle doing? I can just hear it in his little turtle head “Weeee I can fly!”.
This concluded lap one around the lake. I decided to take a break go get a cup of coffee and a snack. That is where I will break this blog post as well.
You can see the video from the first lap here. 

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