I’m Doug and I’m Outta Heeeree

Do you think birds make airplane noises to themselves when they fly?

Look at me I’m dancin I’m dancin.

The queen was settling on the edge of the bed, ungainly with hesitation and at the same time exquisite in her grace, like a heron landing in a treetop. – Megan Whalen Turner

I had just stalked. This guy the day before without any luck. This time planning ahead I had my camera settings a little closer to what I needed. I did adjust these some to make them pop a little more and remove an annoying stick that was in the way. I love the way I caught the water splashing and the second picture looks like he is prancing and dancing. 

The events made me think that this is indicative of chasing our goals. Sometimes we can see them right there and then something happens and they move. It is up to us to keep trying, planning, and moving after them and not to give up.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.- Seneca the Younger


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