The Ice Man Cometh


Frozen Trees and Green Ground

After a recent “ice storm”, which was wildly over predicted I took a little ride around to see the apocalyptic devastation from this winter storm to end all mankind. (note sarcasm). It did display some interesting sites as the temp hovered at 31-34 degrees F, no I will not convert that for you centigrade people. You claim to be so much smarter than us Fahrenheit people do it yourself (yes more sarcasm). Trees were iced over while the ground stayed thawed and wet.



Wet Road Frozen Trees



The animals were smart enough to stay out of these wet cold conditions. Well as out of it as wildlife can stay. Not like they were sitting in huts drinking hot toddys. There wasn’t a deer, hawk, or jackalope to be seen.

The ice on the frozen  trees eventually in the rising temperatures became little frozen shrapnel dropped by the trees as I drove down the roads. Pecking and poking at my truck roof and window.



Looks Like The Ice Goes on Forever


So what is the next practical thing to do when the trees are dropping hard, sharp, frozen, and wet objects from a hundred feet up, not converting to meters? That’s right go for a walk. It did prove for good photos though, as getting up close was the only way to see the actual Icepocalypse that was upon us.


There is something eire and beautiful about ice covered tree limbs. There also much easier to appreciate when they aren’t taking my power out for weeks on end. These next two I couldn’t decide which I liked better color, which is subtle and muted anyway, or black and white which is kind of foreboding looking. They both make me think of dragons teeth though.


Ooh Dark and Foreboding


All Dreamy and Crystal Palacey


Then maybe the cold started getting to me. Right, while I was editing indoors and I’m gonna blame the cold. I started to get a little playful with the editing and, hold on to your seats, I vertically flipped this next one.


Behold the wonder of “Positionallly Vertical Object Manipulation”

Maybe one day when I’m famous I will hold a seminar on the philosophy and psychology of flipping vertically or as I will expensively call it “Positionally Vertical Object Manipulation”. Sign up for the course now people it will be packed, exclusive, and expensive.

“Wind does not need translation. It speaks the language of men, of animals and birds, of rocks and trees and earth and sky and water. It does not eat or sleep, or take shelter from the weather. It is the weather.
And it lives.”
— Jessica Day George


One thought on “The Ice Man Cometh

  1. I loved going thru your photos. Wish there was a way I could share one occasionally. I really do enjoy these You are getting better & better.

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