The Stoic Great Blue Heron


A wonderful thing the Heron are,
When still they fade almost
Into the space between water and air,
Pointing to a focus place.
When flying they hang almost,
Grey Flamingos, mysteriously still still.

Tommy Randell 23 July 2016

Looking, observing, watching a Great Blue Heron is like a living study of stoic philosophy. The bird just stands there unphased by weather conditions, the water around its legs, the soft muddy footing, or the world around it.. Not moving without cause never a wasteful move always with purpose and then calm and calculated. Completely connected to earth, air, and water all at the same time. Just as the Stoics believed all living things in the universe were connected. It amazes me how time can be spend watching these birds and while nothing may happen you never feel as that time was wasted.


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