Deez Does

While driving on some back roads I had the good fortune of spotting a couple does right at the roadside. Some things I have picked up on as I drive around and take pictures. Even though I have a Vibration Reduction lens turn the dang truck off. While these pictures look clear, when zoomed in there is some shake going on. That is the trade off though because I was afraid if I turned the truck off they would run. All in all some pretty good shots though. I like the last one where one of the does is bolting away.



Hey you, yea you, I’m watching you.

These next few were actually taken from a parking lot where the deer are never harrassed and no hunting is allowed which allows me to get some good close up shots. I like the way the evergreen in this shot kind  of frames the shot. You can almost tell the expression on her face like shes got her eyes on me.



Really are you still there, I’m trying to graze

Again spotting me and keeping an eye on me. Don’t worry she wasn’t being harrassed at all. She kept grazing and eating. If you havent been around deer even when they’re relaxed they are edgy. The detail on her ruffled fur and the catch light in her eye make this one of my favorite deer pictures to date. It has good focus, its sharp, and a cute subject.



Hey what was that.

As I said even when thy are relaxed they are on edge. I think a bird farted or a squrill laughed and that caught her attention. Again she just went back to grazing though. I left her to graze as she turned he back on me and told me to kiss her white tail. I laughed, she laughed, we had a good time and I went on my way.


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