Smoke and Peat and Mineral, Oh My


Like licking the inside of a charred oak barrel that has been filled with peat and sea water, in a good way.

So no this isn’t my usual nature, wildlife, landscape post. I had to pay a little homage to my favorite Scotch. This stuff is what dreams (or drams) are made of, well mine anyway. This is a smoky, peaty kick to the taste buds. I tried Laphroaig one day to expand my list of whiskeys I have tried fell in love with it and never looked back. Any web search for smoky or peaty scotches will find you lists with Laphroaig, almost without fail, in the top 10 of every list out there. While some may argue about the science and measure of phenols, the things that make anything taste smokey, I will tell you with the exception of a few i have tired most of the Scotches on those lists and none have yet to come close. That’s my humble opinion anyway. Anyway enough about how much I love this stuff I could drone on about it for hours. I wanted to take a picture and play around with some bokeh lighting. So what I ended up with was a very sharp crisp picture of the Laphroaig canister and bottle with the light points in the background out of focus. Almost giving the Scotch a halo of light points. So if any of you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, my birthday, Canadian Boxing Day, or Tuesday. Just send cases, bottles,or drams of this liquid gold my way.


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