The Paradox of Choice

These photos are a couple where I just couldn’t choose in final editing. Demonstrating the paradox of choice. For this definition. The more choices you have the more difficult time you have making a choice. So I didn’t choose I looked at option D All of the above.



The color shoes the rust stain, The sap leakage over the years. IT shows the color of the bark on the tree and gives you a close up sense of the picture.


Black and White

Now the black and white version really give you a sense of time. The time it took for this tree to begin over taking this sign. Just think the person who hung this sign probably isnt on this planet any more. This tree though will keep on growing and maybe some day  completely envelope the sign.


Sign in focus

Thes next two are an exercise in playing with dept of field. Here we have the sign in focus. Bright almost yelling at us No Hunting. Very vivid with the Refuge in the background almost an after thought. The sense that the sign is the most important thing.


Lake in focus

Here we have the actual lake, refuge in focus. Making it the important part of the picture. Your eyes seem to focus on the water and the cattails. The sign though noticeable and its warning heeded does not take away from the nature that it seems to be protecting.

When presented choices in life it is usually an A or B pick one or the other choice. That is the problem with most choices we are being funneled. When presented with these options always look for choice C, D, or even E. Don’t let yourself be led, lead yourself.


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