Zoo Day pt 1(The Eyes Have it)


What big eyes you have

For my first post of pictures from the St. Louis Zoo I think I will concentrate on the posts that concentrate on the eyes. Like this little guy, who has obviously been playing in the water. Look at the size of that eye and the big ole head that goes with it.



Is it possible this guy has been snorting lines.

Look at the intense eye on this vulture. I mean it looks like he may not have slept for days and may not for days to come. Plus wouldn’t that explain the little growth on his nose, sniff sniff.



The all seeing eye.

One of the rare sights of the zoo. A penguin that was awake. Those lazy little suckers just slept until they woke up to preen and then back to sleep. Even when they were hit with the hose. Seriously random sprays of water went off from the rocks. They just woke up enough some to get out of the water and some to get in the spray and yep went back to sleep.



See even these guys say a lot even with their eyes closed. Sort of a smugness about them isn’t there. Like yea we know you’re there and we don’t care. Were not looking at you and you cant make us. The one even has his snobby little beak in the air. Gee penguins.



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