Zoo Day pt 2 ( Photoshop fun)


Nothing altered here.

Just a reference shot. This is the original. The cat looks great but can play around in Photoshop and make it even better. I don’t know about better.



I played around with making the image black and white and it was still ok but just didn’t capture the power and captivating nature of the Jaguar. So with a little saturation of the eyes and covering everything in black and white well there you have it. It does grab your attention.


Just cheesing.

Again that is the reference shot for what I did in photo shop. You can see the enclosure walls, which is one reason I don’t like zoo pictures. But lets face it I am not, nor will I ever try to fake a zoo shot for a wild shot. What can I do to make it look a little more interesting though, I give you…..


Back in black.

I blacked out the background and cropped in a little closer. Is it a perfect outline? no, do I need to get a drawing pad or work on my mouse skills? yes, Does it look a little better than the original? I think so.


Big and grey and wrinkled.

This big giant was kind enough to give me a nice face on shot. I zoomed in really tight to get the texture of the skin. It all seemed a little grey to me though. So what to do?


It worked once so why not again.

I went to the black background again. I also darkened up the face and trunk alittle to really make the lines, creases, and wrinkles pop. I know this black background thing is kinda done to death. I am no where near the first to use it. I am just learning to have a little fun and see what works.



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