Living in a Van Down by the River

Ok so I don’t actually live in a van and i was in my truck, well not actually I was out of my truck but I was down by the river.

The light wasn’t what i had hoped for I think this would be a better morning spot. But I still had to show the ever flowing Mississippi and the decorated flood wall that, at times, can help keep said river at bay.


Bill Emerson Bridge and a barge easing up river.

In the cool spring breeze it was peaceful to watch the raised river and barge slowly making its labored trip up river. The sun casting light and shadows on the cables of the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge.

Murals of times past.

The murals of scenes from long ago are depicted on the outside of the flood walls. But the living scene still tells the story as evident of the railroad tracks right here next to the river. A place where the cargo of the country can go from waterway to railway. It just begged for a black and white photo to take you back in time a bit and realize how much hasn’t changed in some places.



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