Spring, Sprang, Sprung

With the onset of spring there are multitudes of blooming flowers. Not all are perfect they have their flaws as well as their beauty. As nature shows though she comes back every year and looks good doing it.

Japanese Maple

This maple, while not necessarily flowering, puts on a brilliant red show. Showing off to all the still bare trees behind it.


Lilac utilizing depth of field for effect

The lilacs are in full bloom and while fun to photograph and nice purple flowers they also give off so much fragrance it is hard to believe its real.

Pretty in purple

Looks like the light is blooming out of the center of the flowers

I love how it just looks like the sun is coming from the flowers. Almost like the blooming flowers are giving power to the sun not the other way around.

Busy bee full of pollen working.


The busy bee wouldn’t even stop for a picture that’s ok he didn’t mind me snapping pics while he was working though.

Even without the color it is still beautiful.

Just playing around with black and white I noticed that even without its color the lilac still looks beautiful.

Flowers drooping a little

I missed the height of the dogwood flowers although they still have that wonderful spring freshness to them.

As the seasons roll on I hope to get plenty of colorful pics to share with every one.


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