Hurry Up It’s Snowing

“How much time he gains who does not look to see what his neighbour says or does or thinks, but only at what he does himself, to make it just and holy.” Marcus Aurelius

My day off I’m sleeping in. Nice and cozy under the blankets. Energetically awoken by my wife ” You may want to get up and get some pictures it’s snowing outside.” The internal debate began get up or don’t get up. But its “my” weekend. You know how you love the snow though. Besides its freaking March and it hasn’t snowed all winter and you know you want to practice some snow pictures. The only thing I can say about arguments with myself is I always win.


I tried and tried to capture the voluminous snow that was falling. I tried fast shutter, slow shutter, open aperture, closed aperture, flash, and no flash. Nothing really came out like I hoped. As you can see the snow was coming down pretty good and it left a nice blanket on the ground. You can also somewhat see the huge flakes falling.


Of course my wife thought I was crazy as for the first round of pictures I jumped out of bed and with shorts, tennis shoes, and no shirt on I tried to get the first few pictures. Then I came in got properly dressed as the coffee brewed and went out to try some more. On another note when going out in active snow fall one should really have a weather protector on his camera. These were the best 2 shots of the day before I decided to protect my camera and head inside. I would have loved to practice some more but by the end of the day this snow was gone. Our only decent snow fall this year. How is a guy supposed to practice snow landscape shots when there isn’t any freaking snow. Oh well there was only one thing to do after this. Enjoy a snowy day in the hot tub with the aforementioned coffee.


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