B&W Sky

This mountain, yes its the same one in both pictures, was the backdrop to my stay in NM. Every morning and every evening this is the outcropping of natural stone formation I would look at as I drank my morning coffee or had my adult beverage night cap. The morning picture the ominous cloud formation seemed to be dwarfing the mountains, towering over the top reminding them who shaped them over the millennia. The night scene I was lucky enough to be there during a full moon. I took numerous shots zoomed in as the full moon rose into the sky. I had to blend a few of those shots to get the detail in the moon and the detail of the rock face. I love the edit how it turned out grainy and spooky looking like something out of an old horror movie.






“A dwarf can stand on a mountain, he’s no taller.”

Seneca the Younger


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