Garden of the Gods Observation Trail

A short day trip on the motorcycle took us to Garden of the Gods in the Shawnee National Forrest. The main attraction is a short half mile flagstone paved trail known as Observation Trail.  The panoramic views are breathtaking. Looking over the Garden of the Gods Wilderness area which remains undeveloped and untouched will present a view for miles. Looking over the treetops at the rolling hills and never ending forest. Along the trail are signposts teaching the hiker about the geology and history of the area you are exploring from the hoodoos and the iron bands in the sandstone. Once on the trail the urge to get off trail and take a peek will win out. Even for someone, like me, that is afraid of heights it is easy to get up on top of the huge outcropping of stone and remain a comfortable distance from the edge while still getting to see the entire horizon unobstructed in front of you.




“Attach yourself to what is spiritually superior, regardless of what other people think or do. Hold to your true aspirations no matter what is going on around you.”
― Epictetus


A warning just as in my White Sands posts: Please be careful this is easy climbing but you will be able to get as close to the edge as your bravado will take you. Through the majority of the trail there are no railing or anything to keep hikers from the edge. Please be careful it seems every year someone falls and if you have children keep them close at hand don’t let them run around it can be deadly.


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