I like the sense of isolation given by this lone tree setting in the field. There are many off in the distance but this one stands alone, providing a little shade for the grasses beneath it. Standing nobly over the now barren fields. Even the sky is empty above it just adding to the isolation. Then when this minimalist landscape photograph is converted to black and white it gives an even more impactful feeling of the sense of abandonment. I included the branches in the foreground to add to the feeling that this tree is surrounded by its peers. The question in your mind I hope to raise is:  Is there a feeling of admiration of standing alone with no equal, or a feeling of being an outcast. As is taught with stoicism quite often it is all just about how we perceive things in out own minds. Just a little peek into my mind as what is going on in my brain when I’m taking a picture like this.




Cynicism … is a withdrawal from the world into blank isolation, while Stoicism is the withdrawal into an inner life, which forms to its votaries an object of the highest enthusiasm.

-Alexander Grant, Essay The Ancient Stoics, in Oxford Essays


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