More New Mexico Beauty


Many of you are going to think that I live in New Mexico or that’s all the landscape I take pictures of. It just so happens I have been there twice this year visiting family. I just find the views and landscape there amazing.



With scenes like that can you blame me. Down below looking up at the mountains. Being on the scenic rim and looking down into the valley. It is just endless the different scenery you can take in. Just staring in awe at the vastness of white sands that still looks huge from miles away. New Mexico is a beautiful place to see and keep seeing.


It is not hard to imagine how I fill up a memory card just driving around with view like this. I often find myself like a little kid staring out the window in amazement as driving through the mountains. Unfortunately that is a little unsafe when driving. So I reserve myself to quick glances until an opportunity to stop and take pictures presents itself.

“Life is like a play: it’s not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters.”
― Seneca



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