Objects of the West

Just a few more shots from out west. These are just things that caught my eye. Like the, what looks like a water tower, in the middle of the roadway which I think lent itself to B&W as well.untitled20171019-160-2


Or this row, dubbed by my son the Texas Chainsaw Massacre buildings. Even though we were in New Mexico. They do have a creepy look to them thats for sure. I am assuming they were old stock houses.


One of my favorites though is a little stop we made on the way back from Carlsbad Caverns. This was in Hope New Mexico. These are metal plates for markers not stone as evidenced from the rust. The sunset was panoramic in the background. These markers caught my eye though. I had to try to get a picture of them in the quickly darkening night. I didn’t even notice until after I started processing the pictures that my first name is on one of the markers, coincidence???




…Everything that ever was always will be, and everything that ever will be always was.” – Winston Niles Roomford

Vonnegut, Kurt. The Sirens of Titan (p. 292). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


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