Winter Blah

I have been slacking on posts a bit lately. The main reason is winter. First I really have become soft in my old age and I just don’t like getting out much in the cold. I don’t like having to put layers of clothes on or face the biting cold. Second Southern Illinois winters don’t have much in the way of winter scenery. We have had one snowfall but it didn’t really blanket everything. I even did walk around out behind my house a bit and look for something that inspired a nice winter wonderland shot in the snow, nothing.

On the way home from work I was decieved as I drove by a local park and thought I saw a deer bedded down by a tree. I quickly pulled over and found a place to park. Made sure my 300mm zoom was on. Did a quick test shot to adjust my settings. Then the stalk was on. Easing up on the tree, slowly, trying to keep something between me and my photographic prey I crept up and there it was, a stump.

Well since I was out of the truck in the cold I did decide to take a shot of the frozen creek that runs through the park. Its not a bad shot. It is basically representative of Southern Illinois winter. Cold, partially frozen, and brown. 20180120-_DSC0001

But enough with the excuses. I plan on using my cabin fever driven hibernation to try some indoors shots and play with lighting and still life. Keep your eyes peeled.


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