Winter Wildlife

So after my last winter Blah post I was actually able to come up with some decent winter wild life pics. To maximize those pictures I have split them up into 2 posts. That’s right folks getting the most bang for my winter buck here. Unfortunately there are no bucks in these deer pictures. I had this group of does walk in front of me as I was leaving work (sadly I do have a regular job to pay the bills). The deer here are pretty used to people and vehicles so I was able to stop the truck get my camera out and set up. They did keep moving so that is why these are mostly shots of their backsides. Luckily though there were a couple hams in the group that stopped and looked at me to give  me some good pictures.



Night is close at the heels of day, day at the heels of night;
summer ends in autumn, winter rushes after autumn, and winter
softens into spring; all nature in this way passes, only to return.
I do nothing new; I see nothing new;

  • Seneca

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