Winners and Losers

While being bored and stuck inside for now I have been playing a little Red Dead Redemption 2. This has inspired my boredom some. I decided to play around with some old western poker pictures. I have really played around with post processing for fun. I really enjoyed the theme of these pictures bringing to life the line from the song “The Gambler” “Every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser.” I put a little twist on that with these pictures to where the winning hand is not always the one that rakes the pot. 0801-2019-12418201219310109082005.jpeg0801-2019-12414421219309731566602.jpeg0801-2019-12413321219309620982164.jpeg0801-2019-12419191219310208385712.jpeg0801-2019-12412411219309530408666.jpeg


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